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Rina Takeda [x]

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Check your step, come correct, I been in effect
I came to bomb atomically with honesty.
Display with rays of grace promptly,
Push pens novelty, Slay with a blade properly
and spit chronically.
You ought to be out of your mind,
I’ll leave you headless
Silence audible,
The mic you holding ain’t nothing but to cough blood into
How you rock a chain when you’re necklace?
stick out what you don’t got, slap box voice box, lost throat
I’m a teacher and this test ain’t open note,
overdose if you ever take a quote, remain solemn
Bring it on, I mean all of ‘em
Mastered mind behind design, Steel refined & Beans refried!
Try to enter my chamber that is access denied,
How you claim Cause when you never Defended?
How you claim God when you never Ascended?
I trained starring my fear in the face so I forever remember,
My whole strategy, is to leave yall amputees.
See me they say “God sent him!”
Step to me you’ll be a victim of Natural Selection.

Check your step,
Footwork shinobi
The M.C. named Tony
Careless if you accept
I’m leaving this battlefield with your fucking respect.

Yo I’m back at it like relapsing addicts
flow basement but i’m a rap addict
fear to be stagnant, whole gem not a fragment
Rhymes auto-biographic
Fucking X’s & Y’s, so graphic
leave your story tragic more than titanic
Serve these wack & average
with savage mathematics
Major been linguist, Still cunning,
ask your girl how I flip the tongue
lapping and out running with these asthmatic lungs
Rather be underrated than hightops easily faded
Call me out, you don’t want an answer,
Cause i’m death to dudes manhood like testicular cancer.
Been ill, with all the blood spill,
like KKK missions trying to keep these Nikes white
but ain’t afraid to scuff in a scuffle, I mean fight.
Whether physical or lyrical, unleash beast
Yall nothing but prey in the teeth, so I pray for the feast.
Freestyling in the line for the concert
enter the cypher, bomb first
beatbox rider, murder a rhyme then see a hyna
Get beside her, spit while she sipping a heineken
Set before I was humming hymns
Looking for the one, mira
fuck bread I’m out for the toritlla
corn or flour, devour
same with Moo’s, Cowards.
King pin with this ink pen
nothing but fake friends to set you up
influenced by RBX & Kurupt
Amatuer opposition laughable,
talking you spit heat, dog you flammable
reason to keep your distance,
Acid rap, no forensics
for instance,
you trying me is as pointless as a blind idiot trying to write a book with a dull pencil.
then show these phalanges to your dental
Spit in your face, Piss in your place, Shit where you taste;
No one checking for you,
I’m Mad disrespecting you!
Neva indeva with a serpent I rather seva
wreck your retina
chin checking the
one who said the mic I wasn’t bombing foreva
tap into skill that remains dormant
make rhymes out of what torments
and Remain champion of the tournament.

Shout Out to Paradox Assassin
for letting this Swordsmen start Dart Blasting.