Winston, I got a question for you. Do you think that two men can engage in group sex without… without compromising their friendship?


Cowboy Bebop is finally getting a remastered Blu-Ray/DVD release in North America for December 16th this year.

It’s about damn time. 

8 plays Come And Gone All Get Out The Season


Save all your words, write them down,
and burn them they’re not profound.

I need the time.


Writing these words in pen leaves        a gap that can’t be covered with the ink that fill them. Leaving these words without meaning that could never do justice in describing you. A sea of eloquent words strung together comparing sunsets to you are nothing when next to your name. Where the mixture of 26 letters are used to contain what you are, but can’t grasp your definition. The swooshes and swivels that piece together the characters that belong to your eyes, smile, laughter, and heart. Eyes that slow the time to a stop because there is nowhere more urgent to be than being face to face with you. Where time’s unimportant because I’m already late and early in the same moment. Late because it took me too long to come across you, and early because one of Earth’s wonders has been discovered in my life time. Where the seconds don’t last long enough before the minutes have left as hours, and you’re gone for the night. These words are not meant to be a token of affection for you, but for the people that never knew you. The ones that didn’t get the chance to learn your name. The ones that were deprived from the infinite combinations of 26 letters that would’ve changed their lives. When I meet you, Ill keep those simple curves, crossed T’s and dotted I’s to myself.